Birthday Dreams

From Birthday Dreams Executive Director:

Imagine the excited chatter of the children as they assembled to play games and sing songs. Imagine the light in the birthday child’s eyes as gifts were ripped open to the delight of everyone there. And then imagine the parents with a rare, genuine smile, watching their child feeling loved and special. And maybe, just maybe, when everyone went to bed that night at the shelter that had given them a safe place to stay, the future looked a little bit brighter.  With a gift from the Hazel Miller Foundation, Birthday Dreams was able to provide supplies for 20 birthday parties in our South Snohomish County community.   For further information about their services, please go to

The Hand Up Project Logo

The Hand Up Project is a true community that offers authentic hope to people who are struggling with homelessness and addiction. Because they recognize the inherent value in all people, a hand up is offered through a variety of programs including The Advocates Program and the Housing/Respite Program. The Hazel Miller Foundation enjoyed learning about their programs this past grant cycle and awarded The Hands Up Project a supportive gift to help them continue their much appreciated service to our community. Please take a look at their website ( to learn more about this organization. If you are interested, there are a variety of ways to offer support.

Meadowdale Middle School students created the following artwork with take-home art kits provided by funds granted through the Hazel Miller Foundation. Thank you to visual arts teacher, Zach Stille, for facilitating the project.