Dear Hazel Miller Scholarship Donors,

Thank you for your generous donations to the Hazel Miller Foundation Scholarship so I am able to have this amazing opportunity to continue my education. As a recipient of this scholarship, I am now able to focus on school and not have to stress over where the finances will come from to pay for it. The classes I will be taking are offered during the day, which means I will have to take time off of work to attend class and will lose hours at work. Now because of this scholarship I am relieved of the stress about how I will come up with the money to pay for tuition and books.

I started at Edmonds Community College right after high school and got my AA in Early Childhood Education. After completing this degree I realized, while I still want to work with children, that a child care facility or kindergarten teacher is not the route I want to pursue. I am enrolled back at Edmonds Community College working on prerequisite classes to transfer to Central Washington University for a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Physical Rehabilitation Therapy, then continue on to a graduate program for Occupational Therapy. I am excited for the next few years full of new adventures and education, but even more excited to be able to help children receive early intervention and have the ability to make their lives a little bit easier once I accomplish my masters degree.

It is a true honor to be chosen as a Hazel Miller Scholarship recipient. I can not thank you enough for allowing me to follow my dreams to be able to continue my education with a lightened financial burden.

With sincere gratitude,

Kylie Darby

Dear Hazel Miller Foundation Scholarship Donors,

I am honored to have been selected as one of the Hazel Miller Foundation Scholarship recipients. Thank you for making this scholarship available to me for this upcoming school year. Returning to school at this stage of my life has been a financial challenge, especially as both my son and I are attending Edmonds Community College. I had been making plans to return to full-time employment this fall, and consequently reducing my credit hours, but this scholarship will remove much of the financial pressure and allow me to work part-time while continuing full-time as a student. With the help of this scholarship, I anticipate completing my transfer degree next spring as originally planned, and helping my son towards his educational goals.

Upon completion of my credit hours at Edmonds Community College, I will continue my education through Central Washington University’s online Professional & Creative Writing Degree program. Entering the field of freelance writing has been a dream of mine since childhood and I am looking forward to the opportunities available to me in the future as a writer.

Once again, thank you for your support. Your generous scholarship is a great source of encouragement to me. It will not only help me fulfill my educational goals, but also my plans for the future.


Stephanie O’Loughlin

Dear Hazel Miller Scholarship Donor:

Thank you for making the Hazel Miller Foundation Scholarship possible. I truly appreciate being selected to receive this scholarship for the upcoming year. In the spring of 2016, my family and I moved from Venezuela, and I enrolled at Edmonds Community College. I am pursing the Medical Administrative Assistant ATA degree. I have enjoyed studying at EdCC very much. In addition to my studies, I have worked with the EdCC Marketing Department to create a promotional video for prospective international students, and I have participated in the 2017 Boeing Ethics Challenge.

My family and I have invested most of our savings in my education, so this scholarship means a lot to my family. The Hazel Miller Scholarship will help me accomplish my goal and allow me to finish my program on time.

In Venezuela, I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. While in Venezuela, I worked for 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry for Pfizer. My previous education and work experience guided me to the Medical Administrative Assistant program at EdCC. I acquired strong verbal and communication skills, while working as a pharmaceutical representative. I am comfortable working with all levels of health care professionals along with patients. My education and skills have improved since I enrolled at EdCC; I am confident that I will be successful working in a doctor’s office or medical facility after I graduate.

Again, I thank you for your generous support. Your scholarship will truly help my dreams come true.

Leonardo Zambrano

Greetings Hazel Miller Foundation,

I would like to start by thanking you for the honor of receiving this $4,000 scholarship from the Hazel Miller Foundation. As I sat down to write this I realize the English language is a little behind, there are no words to describe this enduring feeling I feel today. I’m a recovering addict with 2 years and almost 9 months clean and my search for the ultimate highest over. The answer has been at the Edmonds Community College the entire time. Learning is the new drug. I am so Grateful for every one of the staff members at the college, and the foundation, everybody has been right there to help me when I needed it. Sometimes even when I didn’t know I needed help.

I have been a professional musician and sound guy in the Pacific Northwest for almost 28 years, and I am delving into producing records. I am back in school to get my Associates of music, then plan to transfer to Evergreen in Olympia (I really want to go there) to get My bachelors in music with a minor in theater so I can perform the musical I wrote and all the ones I would love to right in the future. My immediate plans following school is to start rehab centers That are based around all aspects of music from the writing and recording, true the pressing in the distribution, to the performance and tour. I need to help my fellow addicts get on the right path. I have a daughter that goes to trial in November for a very serious offense and it is time to address the situation at hand. I really want to do my part.

I now stand an even greater chance for success, so again I thank you, The Hazel Miller Foundation from the bottom of my Heart.

David Renal Hageage

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter as a testimonial from us, Maria Rodriguez and my husband Quintin Gomez; that we have obtained lots of personal growth attending the Bienestra sessions. We have learned of a multitude of resources in our community that we had no idea existed. By attending these sessions, we have made a lot of new friends. We took advantage of the Financial Literacy classes LETI offered and through one of the speakers from America Job Link, Mr. Francisco Pacheco, who helped us in creating a resume so complete with all our life experiences, we were amazed by the many calls we got. We were contacted even from people outside of the state and both of us were able to obtain jobs in this area.

It was thanks to our attendance to the workshops of Bienestra that helped us realize that we can dream big at any age. Currently, we have enrolled in the Spanish GED in the mornings. We attend the Goodwill industries for computer classes in the afternoons, and in the evenings we come back to LETI for ESL classes in preparation to pursue a certificate in the future. We are grateful for the services given by LETI and the kindness with which it was delivered.


Quintin Gomez, Maria Rodriguez